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Dutch Greens


(Product received may temporarily differ from image shown due to packaging update. However, quality and potency is guaranteed)

Dutch Greens™ provides the body with all the necessary nutrients, preventing any deficiencies that your diet might cause.

Dutch Greens

Most Greens supplements try to compete with others by including a large amount of ingredients in such small quantities that they have little or no effect on your overall health.


Dutch Greens™ is based on the 'less is more' principle. It contains large quantities of ingredients that have an immediate and measurable effect on your health and are of vital importance to your well-being.
Ingredients in Dutch Greens may:*

Provide new energy and vitality support for a strong immune system
Support a neutral pH-value of the body
Help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels
Support cardiovascular health
Help cleanse the body
Support intestinal health
Help to accelerate weight loss during a diet
Give you energy without the use of stimulants
The first greens supplement liked for its taste!

The taste of the average greens supplement takes some getting used to, to say the least. Not so with Dutch Greens™! We developed a Greens supplement that is not only appreciated for its superb formula, but for its great taste as well.

Many users drink the Dutch Greens™ mixed with plain water and like the taste just fine. Mixed with apple juice Dutch Greens™ is a delicious addition to the breakfast table. Even children enjoy this supplement!

No matter what type of diet you are on: low-carb, low-fat, blood type diet, calorie counting, or any other diet - Dutch Greens™ provides the body with all the necessary nutrients, preventing any deficiencies that your diet might cause.

Dutch Greens™ contains easily digestible vegetable proteins. One daily portion of Dutch Greens contains only 37 calories, 1 gram of fat (from vegetable sources) and 6 grams of carbohydrates, so it will not interfere with weight loss. Dutch Greens™ is especially well suited as an addition to a low-carb diet because it prevents constipation and guarantees a normal bowel function, which often gets severely disrupted on a low-carb diet. *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Dissolve a heaping measuring spoon (included in the container) with water, fruit juice or your favorite smoothie. Use the Dutch Greens™ shaker for best results.

Dutch Greens™ gives a lot of energy, so it should preferably be taken in the morning or late afternoon. Use every day for best results.


Dutch Greens™ is 100% natural and contains no added sugar or chemical preservatives or additives. It is suitable for vegetarians and can be used by diabetics.

Special note for people who take protein supplements: regular use of whey protein and meal replacement formulas can result in a disturbed acid-alkaline balance. This can easily be prevented or corrected by daily use of Dutch Greens™.


POSTED: 3/27/13
Since I've begun to take Dutch Greens a lot of benefits my body felt I have a strong routine: my job and swimming training. This product really help me to keep the necessary balance. The Digestive system and the overall energy enhanced a lot. Very good product!!

POSTED: 2/9/13
My family and I have taken Dutch Greens for about 12 months. We found that it is the highest in quality and the best price among the similar products in the market.

POSTED: 12/6/12
REVIEWER: Elizabeth P
As my 40th birthday approached – I noticed my hair did not have the body or the thickness that it once did. I started asking friends if they knew of anything holistic to combat my issues. One friend recommended Hair, Skin and Nails by Supplement Spot and also Dutch Greens for overall health benefits. I started taking both and now can’t imagine life without them. My hair dresser can’t believe how much more hair I have now that I take the vitamins. I recently had a minor surgery and had to stop taking all medicines and vitamins for 3 weeks before – my nails all broke off, my hair suffered and my overall energy was lower. My digestion was negatively affected going without my daily drink of Dutch Greens. Dutch Greens has become my afternoon snack/energy booster – I drink it along with a glass of water and it gives me the energy to chase after my 15 month twins for the rest of the afternoon. It also helps tremendously with digestion I have even lost 2 -3 lbs without even trying – I think Dutch Greens helps regulate and balance my appetite – I can’t say enough good things about both products

POSTED: 10/26/12
We LOVE Dutch Greens! My father first started using them on the recommendation of his trainer, Ryan Tompkins, at the Fort Worth Club. He could tell a real difference so he then got my husband addicted to them. My husband and father both love the idea that they can get a day’s worth of nutrition first thing in the morning, AND, they will both tell you that they feel better and have more energy.

POSTED: 8/1/12
REVIEWER: Susan Bernard
I believe that the Dutch Greens product is very good. The taste is great compared to some other green products that my oldest daughter has tried before. My 5th daughter was working as a Kids'
Club coordinator all summer which meant having to eat "camp food" instead of more nutritional home cooking. However, she also drank Dutch Green almost every day. It gave me peace of mind knowing that she was getting good nutrition from that even if not from much of anything else.

POSTED: 8/1/12
My brother introduced me to Dutch Greens because I was feeling tired. Immediately I could tell the difference. I'm giving a container to my son.

POSTED: 8/1/12
My wife and I are enjoying Dutch Greens every morning, Surprised me how much she took to the drink. She said she feels better after a week. She is 49 and I am 54. Thanks Rick.

POSTED: 8/1/12
I am not the type of person to write reviews but with this product I
just had to! Being an "on-the-go" type of person I rarely get enough fruit and vegetables in my diet. Not any more! One scoop of these greens a day has made me a different person! My energy levels are up, my skin looks better and I generally feel better overall. Can't say enough good about this product. Try if you're considering it. It's worth it!

POSTED: 8/1/12
In training for a marathon, especially at an elite level, I am always looking for ways to equip and refuel my body. The demands I place on my body can't be met only by the foods I eat. "Dutch Greens" has served as an excellent source of replenishment. It provides the nutrients from fruits and vegetables in ways I can't match with my diet. I feel better taking it, and I feel that I am taking care of myself, so that I can compete at my best level.

POSTED: 8/1/12

At first, I found the taste a bit unusual. But as I have continued to use Dutch Greens, I find that I really do enjoy it. I feel it is a very healthy supplement to my diet.

POSTED: 8/1/12
REVIEWER: Malcolm C.
I've been taking the Dutch greens now for about a year. It really starts my day and I get the benefits of a neutral Ph from it. I have had my acid/base balance tested to verify this. A neutral Ph is important for health. as you know. If acid base balance becomes too acidic it can open up a host of health problems, the results of which are being increasingly understood by the medical establishment. I try to eat a pretty alkaline diet, but hey, I'm human and can't be 100% pure. I love a weekly dessert..they are really acidic. A dose of Dutch Greens helps to restore the neutral Ph. That and a sensible alkaline diet.

POSTED: 8/1/12
I must say," like you advertise" they really taste nice. I drink it with juice. I am half way through my first jar and I will order this again from you. Also in this short time I feel much better even though I already take a lot of vitamin supplements. The Dutch Greens is a great help. I have told a few friends of mine about the Dutch Greens and I am sure they will buy it as well in the near future.
Thank you again, regards Jody

POSTED: 8/1/12
I have only been supplementing my diet with Dutch Greens for 5 days and have noticed an increasing level of energy and general well-being. Being a vegetarian who eats a very healthy diet of vegetables, fruit, protein, vitamins etc., this is a particularly excellent product for my "on the go life." I drink it in the morning with vitamin water and it tastes good! Gives a little boost until I'm able to have my first meal of the day. I recommend it especially to those of you who don't get enough green vegtables each day. You WILL notice a difference. I highly recommend Dutch Greens for all members of the family and for vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians as well.

POSTED: 8/1/12
I love the Dutch Greens so much I take it on vacation with me. Although it doesn't look like an appetizing drink it tastes great.  Very happy with the product!

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What is Dutch Greens™?
Hailing from the Netherlands, Dutch Greens™ is a new and unique supplement that provides the body with all the nutrients it needs in an amazing formula. Our Dutch Greens™ restores the neutral pH-value of the body – the single most important condition for staying healthy.

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