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 Maximum Prostate

Beta Sitosterol



Beta-Sitosterol is the "Natural Prostate Miracle".  Men, This New Miracle Product May Well Save Your Life! And Restore Your Health.

Maximum Prostate™ promotes prostate health and helps to overcome prostate disease without the use of dangerous drugs. It is 3000 times more powerful than saw palmetto!

Beta-sitosterol (pronounced bay-ta seato-stair-ol) is the "Natural Prostate Miracle". It is unconditionally guaranteed to give you significant relief in 60 days or less.

The four effective ingredients in Maximum Prostate, when combined, work synergistically, but are generally sold separately and are expensive. We have researched prices on these main ingredients when sold separately. Using the lowest prices we could find, here's the breakdown:

Men, do you:

Have trouble getting your stream to start?

Look for a men's room everywhere you go?

Need to "go" so urgently, you can't wait?

Worry about impotence, sexual dysfunction, and cancer?

Most urination problems like those listed above are caused by the natural growth of your prostate. As you grow older there is NO way to stop your prostate from growing bigger. But there is a new discovery, used by tens of thousands of men in Europe that will take care of your urination problems.

This same miracle will help protect you from getting prostate cancer and may well help you overcome prostate cancer without having to undergo the use of dangerous drugs, debilitating and dangerous surgery, harmful radiation, and catastrophic microwave damage to your tissues.

The miracle is called Maximum Prostate and each capsule contains 300 mg of beta-sitosterol, the "prostate miracle." Take our capsules, 3 daily, for 60 days, that you will experience a significant improvement in your urination problem. A full 97% of the men who order Maximum Prostate reorder again and again, and they tell their friends and doctors.

We still want you to read all of the scientific research, published in the world's leading medical and health journals. You'll learn that you can cure your prostate problem without dangerous drugs, invasive surgery, radiation, or painful microwave treatment.

All men are going to develop some sort of prostate problem, some later in life, others earlier. It is the #1 male health risk after heart disease (which is often nutritionally related to prostate problems). It is the leading cause of male sexual dysfunction. Left improperly treated, prostate disease leads to serious health and psychological problems, and often an early death. Prostate cancers kill almost as many men as all other forms of cancer put together.




Maximum Prostate: Serving Size 1 capsule

Zinc Citrate  10 mg

Selenium (from seleno-l-methionine)  35 mcg

Phytopin, Pine  Phytosterols  430 mg

Beta-Sitosterol (from Phytopin)  300 mg

Campesterol (from Phytopin)  25 mg

Soy Isoflavones, 40% Standardized Extract  25 mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsules, Stabilized Rice Bran, Magnesium stearate.

Suggested Use:
Take 2-4  capsules daily depending on the severity of prostate problems. 2 capsules is recommended for prevention maintenance.

Prescription drugs have dangerous side effects and can take up to six months to provide any relief...

"Finally! Natural Prostate Support That Will Give You Relief In 60 Days Or Less!...try it!

"Went off the Flomax drug because of side effects and it wasn't working that well...had to get up 8-10 times a night until the first night on your product. I slept thru the night for the first time in many years."

Read our testimonials. It would take up 10MB of space to publish them all. We are amazed! Never in our experience has there been such a positive reaction, The refills arrive every minute. We have doubled our staff just to keep up with them. Fully 97% of the men who order Maximum Prostate, reorder again and again, and they tell their friends and doctors.

All men are going to develop some sort of prostate problem, some later in life, others earlier. It is the Number One Male health risk after heart disease (which is often nutritionally related to prostate problems). It is the leading cause of male sexual dysfunction. Left improperly treated prostate disease leads to serious health and psychological problems, and often an early death.

Here's a summary of information on beta-sitosterol and Maximum Prostate:

Maximum Prostate is the only offering of pure beta-sitosterol for nutritional prostate support.
Beta-sitosterol is the active ingredient in saw palmetto berries, which have been used for centuries to treat patients with prostate and urinary problems. The active ingredient in saw palmetto, as well as other herbal remedies such as pygeum, stinging nettle, and pumpkin seeds, is beta-sitosterol. Each Maximum Prostate capsule contains 300 mg of beta-sitosterol. You would have to eat 2 lbs of saw palmetto to get the same amount of beta-sitosterol as we have in ONE capsule. Maximum Prostate has 3000 times more beta-sitosterol than saw palmetto.

There are many other healing benefits from using beta-sitosterol. We cannot make any health claims because of FDA Regulations, but studies show that beta-sitosterol can be used to cure such conditions as cancer, tumors, diabetes, blood clotting, ulcers, arteriosclerosis, alopecia, and inflammation.

Each Maximum Prostate capsule contains 300 mg of pure natural mixed beta-sitosterols from plant sources (sugar cane pulp), as much beta-sitosterol content as 3000 capsules of dried saw palmetto berries.

Herbal extracts are sold in Germany and France by prescription only, under the names Harzal and Permixon. They are expensive and contain only a small fraction of the beta-sitosterol contained in a single capsule of Maximum Prostate. Even the best herbal extracts sold in the U.S. contain only small amounts of beta-sitosterol, and most of them require that you take 6 or more tablets a day.

You may be asking why one or several of the major U.S. pharmaceutical companies do not offer Maximum Prostate. The reason is that in the U.S. they cannot patent herbal extracts and charge the $5 or more a tablet they do for highly dangerous and ineffective treatments like Proscar. The answer is simply greed and indifference to your health. Has your doctor told you of the side effects of frequently prescribed drugs like Proscar, Hytrin, and Flomax?

Here's a summary of the published research on beta-sitosterol and the prostate:

Numerous international scientific journals have published scientific studies that prove that beta-sitosterol is the most effective remedy known for prostate problems. Journals like the International Journal of Immunopharmacology, 1996; The Lancet, 1995; European Journal of Drug Metabolism, 1997; Anticancer Research, 1996; European Patent EP 287000, Minerva Urologia, 1985; British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 1984; Medizinische Klinik, 1982; European Urology, 1992 and 1994; and Fortschr Med 1980, have all published studies on beta-sitosterol and the prostate.
Beta-sitosterol is the miraculous common denominator in saw palmetto, Pygeum africanum, pumpkinseed oil, stinging nettles, and other natural prostate remedies.
Beta-sitosterol is already in your diet in common foods, but only in small amounts.

Each year, over 400,000 men in the United States alone undergo prostate surgery, and over $1 billion a year is spent on prostate treatment. Proscar, the leading drug, is highly dangerous and according to the United States Veteran's Administration, is no more effective than sugar pills. Surgery often results in incontinence and impotence.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for men, after lung cancer. Almost 90% of prostate cancer goes undetected until it is untreatable and has spread to the lymphatic system. By the age of 50, 35% of men have cancer cells in their prostate.

Odds are 2 to 1 that you'll have prostate problems by the time you are 60. By age 65, most men have enlarged prostates. The first signs are night urination and difficult urination. Literally 97% of all men will be afflicted with prostate problems during their lifetime.

Fortunately, nature has given us a natural remedy to support good prostate health.


Every day we receive another message from our clients using Maximum Prostate and Healthy Cholesterol. Here are a few. Can we add yours soon?

   "After using Maximum Prostate for 7 days my life has been changed. I now sleep soundly, my urination frequency is normal and the pain is gone! Send me 10 more bottles."

   "I had surgery February 2004 for bladder cancer at age 53. At the time, my urologist prescribed Flomax and Proscar. He told me it would take 6 months before any improvement in prostate size was noted with these medications.

   "My research told me that I didn't want to be taking these drugs, and led me to Maximum Prostate. Two months after I began taking the supplement, I had a cystoscopy. My urologist said he had never seen Flomax and Proscar work so quickly: my prostate was normal in size. I told him I wasn't taking either of them, but had decided on Maximum Prostate. His advice: "Keep doing what you are doing. It is working."  Since that time I have had 3 more cystocopies. Each time my prostate has been normal. I'm a believer. Gary H., CT USA

   "I started taking this product on Sep 30, 2002. I can't be without it. It works great. I've told several friends in the Austin and San Antonio area about the product. (But, I need to quit giving them some of mine to try... I run out too quickly.)  I am also on Flomax (Tamsulosin). I've experimented by going off "Maximum Prostate", but staying on Flomax for a short period. My prostate symptoms quickly return. But when I reverse the experiment, go off the Flomax, but stay on the Maximum Prostate), I have NO symptoms of prostate problems! No kidding! I have an appt with my urologist to tell him I no longer need the Flomax." J.D.P., Belvere, TX

   "Getting up 8 times a night to 0 the 2nd day on the product and continuing."

   "I was skeptical, even thought of returning it, then on my fourth week I noticed a change in urinary urgency. After another week I was getting a full nights sleep. Now, I feel normal. My psa has gone down from 11 to 2.3."

   "Erection every morning after none in 10 years."

   "Much stronger, longer lasting erections."

   "All urination symptoms, urgency, frequency, low flow, dribble gone after 2 days on the product."

   "My husband was nearly forced to quit his job as a truck driver. I found you on the internet at work. Not only does he feel better but I'm ordering for another 5 drivers at his company."

   "As I think I may have mentioned to you before, I told my urologist about beta-sitosterol, and he had remarked that he had had two former patients, no longer living in the San Francisco Bay area, who had told him about their very favorable experiences with Maximum Prostate. However he had lost contact with these patients, and had no way find out where to obtain beta-sitosterol. He said that he had searched the health food stores in San Francisco trying to find it, without success."

Last Thursday, during my appointment with the urologist, when I mentioned that I had begun to use "beta-sitosterol" to him, his face lit up, and he asked me to let him know where the product could be obtained so that he could recommend it to other patients. So, I mailed him your phone number, your address, your email address, and your web address."

   "Went off the Flomax drug because of side effects and not working that well, had to get up 8-10 times until first night on the product, I slept thru the night for the first time in many years."


**For your information: The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.*

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